A Prayer To End Covid19

Almighty Father, I come to You today with a prayer that is from my aching heart

The current darkness of illness and death consumes our days.

I am praying for Your promised miracles to be placed in our lives.

I trust in You and know You will deliver us from this crisis.

I lean in the hope that You know what is happening to our world economy and You will restore it.

I am praying and believing that this will end soon.

Turn our lives back to normal with Your miracles.

Grace us with Your supernatural blessings that will help us to be victorious in the aftermath of effects from this crisis.

I pray we are respectful and gracious towards each other.

I pray we encourage each other and show Your love while we are adjusting to our new normal.

I pray we do not let the enemy have a stronghold on this new social distancing.

I pray he does not cause us to become more isolated from each other.

Less friendly and treating others with less love.

That is exactly what he would want.

Help us to rise above this negativity.

Help us to show the evil one that we will not fall into his snares.

We are covered and protected by the blood of Jesus.

Because You will take care of us, You will provide and we will prosper.

Remove all fear from our hearts.

Let us be compassionate.

So many people have said their first prayers.

Some people have taken their first look at You.

New Christians have given You their life.

Praise be to God!

Stabilize us in this new world, and may we be stronger and closer to You because of this crisis.

You are the God of restoration.

You alone are our hope.

You alone will give us a miracle and end this crisis soon.

I declare this prayer over all of my family and friends.

With You God, all things are possible. Amen

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